Trivia About Pool That Will Make You Want To Try Playing It


You might not understand the importance of a pool game until you have practical proof of its importance from the gamer. This is a game that is common among entertainment spots and some people earn from it just to make it enjoyable. This is one game that involves minimal physical activity and it most appropriate after a hard day’s work. Moreover, when you are low in spirit and you need to change the environment and engage in an activity that will make your mind forget the life issues then this is the game for you. 

Apart from the social places, you can invest in a pool table at home an still have fun. If you have no idea on where to start when it comes to purchasing a pool table then click here to check out some tables

Trivia about a pool that you might not know yet include

  • The total number of the ball is 15, among them the solid and the striped ones are 7 in number while the remaining is black.
  • When playing for a nine-ball, you have to rack it in a diamond shape.
  • The eight balls are racked in a triangle shape
  • There is only one yellow solid ball in a billiard table
  • You can only hit a white ball with a pool stick
  • The solid purple balls are four in number
  • In a standard pool table, you must have a total of 6 pockets- one at every corner and the rest are at the side pockets.
  • Banking or kicking is the shot where the caroms put off the rail and further hits the ball in the pockets.
  • The best international pool champion comes from the Philippines
  • Originally, all cue balls were made from Ivory

You notice that from all these trivia, this is a game that has been in existence for some time now. Its length of stay and the fact that it is still relevant proves that it has its share of benefits.

This is a mind game that you need to understand not only it is original but also the function of every ball color. This allows you to enhance your cognitive thinking now that you have to master the purpose of every game as well as the pockets. What are the main benefits of the billiard game to the player?

  • Aids to burns calories and maintain a healthy weight
  • It boosts your level of focus
  • In men, it makes them look younger for it reducing the pace of the aging process
  • It sharpens one’s mind
  • Aids in the proper eye and hand coordination
  • Allows the body and mind to relax and further reduce stress and anxiety if not depression
  • Aids your balancing power.

What a game with all the physical and health benefits. Just from the trivia, then you notice that this is a game that you need to not only play but also understand its origin about its features.