The 2001 Concert Series at the Old School in Waterford, Virginia


Extra attractions embellish this seventh year of the Waterford Concert Series to make the 2001 season one of our most memorable. Vocal music sung by young opera stars-to-be and a chorus from the Choral Arts Society counterbalance instrumental music played by a brilliant chamber trio and a brass quintet exploring Civil War music and the classical repertoire. New this year will be a special Friday performance by the Virginia Opera in November. Also new are guided walking tours of the village offered free before each concert. All performances begin at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoons (except the Virginia Opera). Please come early to picnic or enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and explore Waterford and the surrounding countryside.

For the 2001 season, concerts are scheduled for the following dates:
March 18
April 29
September 9
October 21
November 16

Please see the Concert Schedule for a description of each concert and specials discounts available to our patrons.

Proceeds from the Waterford Concert Series will go toward renovating the Old School. A 1910-1928 building with a Greek portico on top of Big Hill, the Old School is used for concerts, lectures, plays and as a community center. Basic repairs have stabilized the structure in recent years, but more improvements are needed to make it comfortable year-round.