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Preserving Landmark's History and Connecting Our Heritage

History goes beyond a collection of dates, names, and old items. It encompasses all the elements that come together to make a society, community, or nation. This avenue of connection with the past helps keep the integrity of a place and its people. That’s why historical preservation is essential because it allows us the opportunity to examine the state from where we’re coming.

Preserve Our History

Our Organizations Goal

It’s also vital in our culture as that’s the legacy we leave for the future. We do that by transferring our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in into the coming generations. History is diverse and multifaceted, and thus, offers specific perspectives we can’t get only from our experiences. Hence, that highlights its importance for the optimal function of society.

Therefore, besides being a conversation we must push, we must take the necessary steps to preserve our heritage. One thing to note is that we shouldn’t limit it to buildings. It would be best to have thorough methods, including storing old records, photographs, personal stories, landscapes, and other items. That significantly highlights the purpose of this organization.

The Landmark Festival
Guided Tours
History Fair

What We Do

As an organization, our work is to contribute in every possible way to the preservation of Landmark’s history. We strive to establish a connection between generations in the past, present, and future. That brings a deeper understanding of our heritage and culture and helps us grow together as people. One of the ways we go about that is by organizing programs in the community.

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