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The Old School's new auditorium.

The Old School’s new auditorium.

Presidential Bank has challenged us to raise $20,000!

Long-time Foundation supporter Presidential Bank and its CEO Bruce Cleveland have announced a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant of $20,000–the bank will donate $20,000 if we can raise another $20,000 before March 31, 2013.
Time is short; please help us meet this challenge!

Upcoming events…there are many!

The Concert Series continues with the dynamic young chamber orchestra A Far Cry (watch and listen to them), another Rock Concert with local talent April 20, and Historic Garden Week comes to Waterford on April 22! Read all about it on our Upcoming Events page.

Haven’t visited Waterford before? Read on…

Waterford is living history

The Waterford National Historic Landmark is a treasured connection to America’s past, present, and future. The Waterford Foundation not only preserves the Landmark’s historic buildings and beautiful green fields and landscapes, but presents exciting programs that “connect” all of us to our heritage and help us understand our past.
Check out the upcoming events and join us for full season of events that celebrate American culture and link us to our heritage.

Walk with us through time

Walk with us through Waterford today and discover what makes this place so memorable. Hear the stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things. They built a thriving town from wilderness; they endured a long and bloody war that threatened to destroy their homes and their lives; and in good times and bad they held tightly to their vision of a special place.
Today their 18th and 19th century homes, mill, forge, corner store, Quaker meeting house, the one-room schoolhouse that served the African-American community, and the surrounding 1,420 acres of farmland, compose a National Historic Landmark District. Waterford’s ongoing preservation is the work of the nonprofit Waterford Foundation.

Explore America’s heritage

Since its creation in 1943, this grassroots organization has raised millions of dollars to rescue and preserve numerous historic buildings, to save neighboring farms and open spaces from development; and to share its history through educational and cultural programs and an archives and local history collection. And from its first year until today, the Foundation has produced the award-winning Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit, best known as “The Waterford Fair.”

Enjoy music, art, history, and celebrations

The Foundation’s most recent challenge has been funding and rebuilding the Waterford Old School, severely damaged by fire in 2007. In spring 2012 the beautifully restored classroom building and its new auditorium reopened for Waterford’s acclaimed classical Concert Series, Books & Wine gatherings, History & Ideas lectures, and art and photography exhibits. The Old School and other historic properties are also available to rent for meetings, weddings, and special events.

Join us in making history

Thanks to Foundation members, residents, sponsors, donors, concert audiences, fair goers, and friends, Waterford is here for you to discover today. We invite you to join us in preserving this special place for future generations and continue making history.

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